Friday, July 24, 2009


Colby is updated, Colby sorry that's been slow going. ;)

Callie and Jon should be up this weekend as well -- thanks for all the comments there, lol -- you so won't be disappointed with what's coming.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Coffee -- a Random Rant

So I don't blog alot here but I thought I might for a change -- about coffee, LOL.

Coffee is a strange thing isn't it? It's something I can't live without and it's something I need first thing in the morning ( a little like sex really ;) )
But what makes coffee special?

Well I was thinking about this, every time you see a friend you need to catch up for a coffee right? When you're at work and you need to get out of the office at say 7am or 10am and 1pm like I do, you go and get coffee.

So that poses the question -- is it coffee we really need? We're seeing a friend, we don't need the coffee, we're getting out of the office, we don't NEED the coffee to do that really -- so what happened?

Addiction is what happened. Somewhere coffee took over our lives, and snuck in there while no one was looking and now, if you're like me -- I have to have it or by 9am at work I'll get a blinding headache and my snark-o-meter will be on ten.

What's worse is now you can just have more than coffee, you can have frappes, lattes, iced coffees, machiatto -- the choices are endless and of course my personal favorites. The flavor enhancers, shots of caramel, hazelnut, toffee nut and pumpkin spice (when Starbucks is feeling festive). So coffee makes it harder for you to curb your addiction.

And the best thing about Starbucks, when you go and order a coffee - it's not just a coffee. You need to make a major life decision, is it tall/grande/venti, fat or not fat, soy or non soy, decaf -- the choice is endless. So when you really feel like you've had a crap day you can go to Starbucks and make a very specific decision and feel like you've achieved something in the day. LOL.

Not to mention there is one on every second street corner.

So is it just me? and studies show, coffee can be bad for you -- but it can be good for you as well. It grows out of the ground right? so what can be bad about that? :)

I've tried to give up coffee and failed miserably, but you know what. I don't want to. I love my coffee, and we live in a happy marriage.

Any else have any thoughts? ;)