Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Stuff!

OK. I've started a new little short called The Object of His Desire. Now it can be found in a new special place I've set up for short naughties, as lets face it sometimes you just want to write them. So bookmark here ;)

 The Leading Man

And I updated Dangerous Territory. See what's happening with Jon & Mac.

And Devon, I know---I said a wee while ago I'd post her up a couple of weeks ago and well, it's been more than a few weeks. Don't worry the story is very much well in my head and I've made a start so she will make an appearance soon I promise. Her story will be found here: Miss Fourth Of July. I am very excited about this one as she's been one of the loudest muses I've had in a long time ;)

So there you have it! While I battle with the Winter Elements and count down till Jovi Fest in Dec, I shall keep writing,. ;)

As always thanks for stopping by.