Monday, April 19, 2010

Writing Palooza

Happy Monday!

Good news ;) Both Living in Sin & Dangerous Territory were updated yesterday. So click on the links above and catch up on Callie and MacKenzie. I am into the next Callie chapter as we speak, so hopefully there shouldn't be too much of a delay for that one.

A month today and I'll be boarding a plane for Los Angeles to start my trek across the Pacific to come and see New York City I'm so damn excited I could vomit. LOL

Anyway that's me for now ;) Talk to you soon & Happy Reading!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The future...

Well it's no secret that eventually stories end---and what does a writer do when that happens?
They plan the next one of course.

So---I thought I'd just heads you up on a little idea I'm exploring for the next story.

Ever wondered how Jon stays looking so young and just fantastic? C'mon the guy has better pores than I have! Sheesh. Well my next little Fan-Fiction Adventure will involve Devon Scott and her little Boutique in Soho called, "Allure." Allure is a beauty spa and a coffee shop that's been in Soho for a year and is doing very well for itself.

Jon is in the middle of writing The Circle and happens to stumble in on Devon's little slice of paradise, not only does he start to become addicted to her treatments and coffee---but he starts to become addicted to her ;)

What Jon doesn't know is that Devon has a past that's made her what she is today, and it goes against everything that Jon believes in--so what will happen? Can Devon fall in love with someone like Jon after all that she's been through? And can Jon put aside his pride and put into practice the lyrics of the songs he writes about?

Coming In June---and believe me, you won't be disappointed.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm really NOT...

A Good patient. LOL

I have had some kind of flu-thing since Good Friday and I'm so sick of resting but I don't have my choice, this flu is kicking my body's ass. Anyway, besides that, LOL. I watched Cry Wolf again today---man there is just something about HRH in teacher's get-up that makes me nuts, and glasses even.

I love that his character was kind of slutty as well LOL Naughty Naughty, and then I remembered I went as far as to write a short about this awhile ago now, but I had to re-read it after watching, plus if you are a newer reader, I don't have this linked anywhere, so you might get a wee thrill ;)

Teacher's Pet

So there you go---oh and it's 5 weeks and 6 days will I take off for the USA---yes, I know...LOL Shhhhh.  I should really get a widget. LOL Anyway, enough just wanted to share and yes, I'm working on next chapters of Dangerous Territory and Living in Sin as we speak  ;)

Take Care Now,

Monday, April 5, 2010

Living in Sin & Dangerous Territory

Have both been updated this week, new Living in Sin up today....


Friday, April 2, 2010

When it Rains.........

It freakin pours.

Well I survived another business trip up north and I am home for the long Easter weekend---with the Flu. I am so unbelievably pissed off, as I had planned to do a lot of things I needed to catch up on this weekend. One was writing, I still plan to but for the first two days of this weekend, I've been in bed.

I should have known on my flight to Auckland, that the three people behind me coughing and spluttering ALL the way would be trouble, and lookie lookie. They were. not fair, this was my only break until May when I go overseas to the US. So *sigh*

I am dying to write more of MacKenzie and Jon, as I have alluded to, things were just starting to heat up and as for Callie and Jon, will she finally accept they should be together once and for all? ;) All things coming soon my lovelies.
Thank you again for your continued support.

Be back soooooon. You can thank the lovely Lisa-Marie for the DELICIOUS eye-candy from Mohegan at the top of this post hehehe. I just wanted to touch base and thank you for the emails and tweets, I'm definitely working on things!

I also just wanted to say *muah* out there for a few friends that have and are going through some tough times of late---I love ya.