Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to take the time to wish you all a Happy New Year, and I hope that 2010 is all you want it to be, out with the old and in with the new!

Have a glass of bubbles for me!

Story Updates.

Jon and Lily ch2 & Mac and Jon are coming shortly, Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jon and Lily...

Remember Jon and Lily?
Well we hadn't heard from them for a wee while so I decided to do just a little story for the Holidays, and since it's Summer here -- join them as they go on a holiday to St Barts, ;)

So enjoy if you want a litte escape like I did :)


Living in Sin is updated ;)

Living in Sin

Enjoy my darlings and hope you're last weel of the year is going good, time to dust off those New Years Resolutions, oh and maybe a bottle of wine or two ;)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

New updates...

Hope you're all recovering after Christmas ;)

I'm fully in relaxation mode, so I've updated both Living in Sin, and Dangerous Territory for your reading pleasure.

For the new year, I'm thinking of adding in a mailing list for my readers, and the choice to recieve updates by mail will be availible. I'll be stil blogging for the time being, ;) but if that's something that suits you -- drop me a line Or it can be as simple as notifications that things are updated, :) rather than having to check all the time.

Let me know, and keep safe this holiday period.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas

Is it just me, or does anyone else just stare at that picture? LOL.


Well as you know, I updated and thanks for all the kind thoughts and messages I've had from you guys the last couple weeks. It's been a little hellish, but I'm starting to come out the other side of it. AT LAST. FOUR DAYS TILL THE BREAK AND COUNTING.

I just wanted to say thank you to my readers, thank you for taking the time, to read and comment. It means the world to me, and always makes me think about what I may write next. ;) hehe.

Plenty more to come in 2010, and of course before then. I have two weeks off work, so I intend do a bit of comfort writing inbetween my projects. ;)

Have a very Merry Christmas, wherever you are, whoever you are with. Just remember each day only happens once, and once it's gone you can't get it back.

Peace. :)


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hey & Updates


Sorry it's been a little long in between, but you'll be pleased to know that Dangerous Territory and Living in Sin are now updated as from today :) yay! :)
It's been a hard ass week, and I've handled a few things that were thrown at me, but we got there! Phew. Gah. Xmas sucks sometime, people are 908298 more stressed huh?

Anyway enjoy the stories, and I'll touch base later in the week.

Living in Sin

Dangerous Territory

I'm starting a new blog for my non fan fiction writing over here, and it's more of my personal blog so feel free to come and check it out, the more the merrier! I've got a fiction project running along side my fan fics... which I'll be posting about soon over there. :)

Life as we know it

*muah* hope you're all surviving the silly season!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Where am I? lol

Happy Sunday/Monday depending on where ever you are!

Just wanted to touch base, and I know I've been a little slack updating over the last two weeks. It's the end of the year drain, and I'm so feeling it. I miss writing but last week I was away with work - last trip of the year! WOO HOO.

I'm over it - seriously. OVER-IT. LOL.
Anyway, I'm cracking on with writing this week so hopefully some updates to follow. Thanks for your patience. I hope you're all gearing up with Silly Season just around the corner.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I had one of those days...

I'm usually a happy cherub, lol but like the kitty says ^, I was way out of Happy today. Ever had one of those days where it feels like the world hates you, when really it doesn't? lol.

When you can't see the sunshine through the clouds because you're that freakin pissed off? LOL.

I even had the MSG DVD today, arrived for me from the retail gods and I couldn't bring myself to watch it, I didn't want to tarnish Jovi LOL.

Anyway, we all have them - I just don't want anymore. TYVM.

And I want to damn write!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Who needs a little something?

To start off their day?

This picture, featured around this short is killing me, so what do I do?

I write a short, two parts. Part one is up.

The Scarf

Your Porn-mistress ;) lol.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Slight Miracle -- Colby is back ;)

LOL -- I started reading this today and bam, something stirred inside of me and I poured out a chapter. I got stuck on her back in July, I think. Anyway -- if you care to re-indulge please do so. :)

Under the Influence Chapter 17

Monday Monday...

Don't worry US peeps, you'll get your Monday too LOL.
No need to feel jealous.

It's cold.
It's grey.
It's depressing.

But here I am. I have different candy today, thanks to Miss Tara I now have to watch Four seasons of Supernatural, and also four of Bones. But look at that perfect ass.


And the even better news, besides BUTT Candy, is I have updated BOTH stories. More Jon and Mac & Callie is up!

Enjoy :) and happy Sun/Mon where ever you are!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Ok, you got lucky, I decided to update this one again... I'll be working on Callie next :)

Dangerous Territory



Sunday, November 22, 2009

Currently Listening to.........

Of course since I've seen them, I'm on a little NB kick, but I do love this song.
I'm in a weird mood today, everything's good but sometimes you just still feel like something's missing, it's a weird feeling. Nothing a good glass of wine, and a night of relaxing will do. Of course it doesn't help my work just dumped another massive project in my lap before the end of the damn year, so CLOSE people... so damn close. LOL


I hope you're Monday has started out well... now go watch some Chad, and I've updated Dangerous Territory if you need a HRH Fix.



A new Chapter of Jon and MacKenzie is up.
Dangerous Territory


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another update!

Living in Sin is up, as promised.

Don't hate me lol, it was hard to write but it has a purpose -- trust me :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Story Update...

Dangerous Territory is up!

Living in Sin should be up tmrw.

I am a good Kiwi. :)


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What dreams are made of....

I still can't stop staring at this.


This is just *gah*.

The moment I found it, my day just went up three notches.

The article to match is here. Thank you Michi. You totally made my week.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm getting addicted.....

To blogging. LOL.

It doesn't go well with my Twitter addiction, thank god for the iPhone is all I can say :)

As promised both stories are now updated as from today! Wooot. Thanks again for all the feedback etc, and always feel free to say what you think. Nothing better to a writer knowing their characters are having an impact on a reader. Believe me.

I'm in the process of writing an actual/non fanfiction story as well. I'm kind of liking this writing thing, I've got a long way to go but I really want to try. :)

Anyway, I have no idea how many people read this, but coming up I may pop up a poll or two just to get some thoughts on things... one of them being sex scenes... Like, em, hate them? Want more? lol... and some other fun things. Remember you can always post anon if you want to. :)

Anyway, that's all for now. I'm sitting here at my desk wishing I was back in Sydney, listening to Chad Kruger's chainsaw voice in my ear *sigh*

Ciao for now.

New Living in Sin Up

Check it out 40 is now up :)

Take me there!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm bacccck.

I'm back!

Sorry the updates have been slow, I've been away for a few days in Sydney with Venus, where I had the most awesome time with her and her family. Sydney is lovely and of course on the Friday, Venus and I went to see Nickelback and I have to say.. lol they were fantastic. I did a twenty four hour stint, as I left here in the wee hours of the am and flew over to Sydney. Venus and I hung out, and then met some of her friends and went to the concert that night.

Chad is hilarious, hilarious and diiiiiiiiirty. hehe.

Anyway -- I'll put some pics up later on, and some of the gorgeous Manly beach where I spent Saturday. But I just wanted to touch base and let you know I have not forgotten and I will be writing, lol.

Look out for a new Living in Sin today or tmrw :)


Monday, November 9, 2009


So, this may come as a surprise, lol but the USA is a BIG ass place! I have been trying to book my flights across the country, from Los Angeles to Albany -- not a walk in the park is it?! So much that I decided after flying 14 hours I am staying over in LA the night before attempting this. Cripes.

Anyway, I am still very excited but I just had to mention it, remember I am from a country that has 4 million people and live in a city that has 400 thousand, it takes me 2 hours to fly from one end of the country to the other. NOT seven hours with a layover ;)

In other news also, I have an update for Dangerous Territory! See told you I'd be writing more, since I am broke! haha.

And thanks to Catte for providing the pic you see above. *sigh* I swear it melts my uterus the way he's looking at Jake in the Doc.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

NZ version of The Circle.

I get this tommorrow, I am disappointed that there is not actual b-sides from the record, but I heard the Japanese version didn't either which is very surprising.

Anyway as for the bonus tracks at MSG & the Jon Intv -- I'll give them to Ms Hath to add into her blog vault of goodies, so we can all share. :)

1. We Weren't Born To Follow - Album Version
2. When We Were Beautiful - Album Version
3. Work For The Working Man - Album Version
4. Superman Tonight - Album Version
5. Bullet - Album Version
6. Thorn In My Side - Album Version
7. Live Before You Die - Album Version
8. Brokenpromiseland - Album Version
9. Love's The Only Rule - Album Version
10. Fast Cars - Album Version
11. Happy Now - Album Version
12. Learn To Love - Album Version
13. Blaze Of Glory - Bonus Track - Live at Madison SQ
14. In These Arms - Bonus Track - Live at Madison SQ
15. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead - Bonus Track - Live at Madison SQ
16. Exclusive Interview with Jon Bon Jovi

Well it's the weekend :-)

And you know what that means? WINE! hehe.

However, I don't agree with Mr BJ's choice there, clearly in May I'm going to need to bring him over a few bottles of the NZ good stuff.

I hope the weekend is treating you all well, here in New Zealand it's Summer week, where traditionally the weather shifts into those long hot days, and it's not disappointed so far!

I've got a story update for you.
Dangerous Territory is up and running, and I'm working on Callie as we speak. See, told ya you'd like Nov better when Kiwi's work stress is all over ;)

Anyway, I have to also say I'm so not complaining that we're drowning in Jovi-related media. Good lord, it's like Christmas! Gotta love the British press for going crazy!

Is it May yet? I am so excited, I've booked my flights and I'll be gracing the grand old US from the 20th May, if any of you are at Giants, please do let me know!

More to come.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Story Updates

Are you up to date?
As always, thanks for reading. I appreciate it so much, you're what makes it worth it. :)

Living In Sin has been updated :)
Living in Sin

and Chapter 6 of Dangerous Territory is now up.

Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm going Global..... and other updates.

Hi all,

I know it's been awhile but I've been CRAZY busy at work...this new job kicked my ass, but the good news is... I have delivered my project successfully, for those that don't know... I work for a big Kiwi Telecommunications mobile company as a project manager. So it's been a couple of big months for ol Kiwi. But I am back.

I am taking a trip across the ditch to Sydney on Nov 13, for the weekend to visit Venus and we're taking in some dirty Chad when we go and see Nickelback. hehe.

Of course the other big news is, I've booked my trip to come over to the US in May, I'm coming over for all three Giants shows in New Jersey and I am so excited. First time from New Zealand to the USA, but hell it'll be a hell of a trip.

I'll be staying with TaraLeigh so I can get over my jetlag, man that is gonna hurt. (The jetlag that is, lol not Miss Tara.) I'm very excited to meet her. Anyway and this will be just the SECOND time I've seen Jovi live.. we're even splurging for a second row package from Backstage for the second night...thanks to some heavy convincing from our dear friend Summer, who is coming in from London for the shows. :) I am SUPER excited to meet a whole raft of you guys that will be at the show.

As for the stories, I know I've been a little slack but this month I intend to write my little ass off --- I was supposed to participate in National Novel Month, but have decided not to so I can just get back into writing. I am setting myself a goal of at least 25K worth of words for this month. So expect to see chapters on both Living in Sin & Dangerous Territory.

But I will give a huge shout out for my favourite two authors that are participating in NanoWriMo, Cari & Tara -- good luck to you ladies, I'll support you all the way. :)

And of course, Cari's book "Full Disclosure" goes on sale this Friday at Wild Rose Press, I can't wait to read it.


Oh and PS enjoy that lil pic of Jon from London today!

Talk soon!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hurts like



I've just sat through root-therapy in my lunch hour, the second one in a month, but this one hurt, lol.

I'm just a woss!

New Chapter of..

Dangerous Territory is up.
Chapter 4


Thursday, October 15, 2009



Chapter 3 of Dangerous territory is up if you haven't checked out my latest creation.

Go on, don't be shy ;)

Have a good weekend!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's here!

Dangerous Territory Chapter One

Come and meet Mac and Jon, ;) Let me know what you think, you'll like Mac. I am sure of it.

AND Callie will be updated this evening, just editing through it now. :)


Friday, October 9, 2009

New Story

Dangerous Territory has finally a home, so bookmark this and I promise you that you won't be disappointed.

Dangerous Territory

The first chapter will be up very soon. :)


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Short ;)

Hey guys,

I was in the mood for a little short -- hehe.
It's delicious and cliche, but you might get a kick out of it.

The Elevator

This will feature in three-four chapters, chapter one is up :)

Enjoy and don't be shy to let me know what you think ;)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Coming a blog near you

Dangerous Territory.

Follow the story of modern day Jon, post Lost Highway in the time he was out doing stomps for Obama and the Democratic Party. Still heavily involved in the Soul, he's recruiting new players and finds he needs to do a background check on one his top candidates.

Enter MacKenzie Cooper, private investigator who carries this out and finds out bad news for Jon which leads him into a web of hard decisions followed by danger. As part of MacKenzie's firm she also supplies a personal security service.

Find out what happens, when the stakes are high, and safety outweighs pride. And then of course throw in the unthinkable in all this... love.


Watch this space.
I'm just building up my chapters, for once. *snickers*

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Isn't it strange?

How when your fantasies play out in RL you get that little buzz right down to your toes. LOL.

I love Gerry Butler, I think he's a great actor and lets be real -- he looks hot and his accent is to die for... so what happens when Scotland meets Jersey?


Just had to share. Made me very happy, now that would of been a good birthday pressie at the door!


Living in Sin has been updated ;)Chapter 33 is ready for the taking.

Sorry it took so damn long, life is kicking my ass at the moment. I'm a little stressed out from work, and keeping everything together but we're getting there.
I hope to get a few more things done this week, in the fiction world -- so stay tuned for an update ;)

Monday, September 14, 2009


The new eye candy was just a bonus ;) Jude and Jon, now that's a sandwich I'd like to get in the middle of!

Living in Sin has been updated, Ch32 is up and ready ;)

Thanks for reading!

Friday, September 11, 2009

I've had a pretty crappy week.... BUT

There is always a BUTT isn't there? ;) hehe.

Just thought I'd share... and what a fine specimen of an ass that man has *sigh*

Hope to get a new Callie update in for you this weekend, before work sends me off to the other end of the country - again ;)


Thursday, August 20, 2009

New little short availible ;)

Hi guys,

Coffee Flavoured Kiss

I wrote it for a temptation for Jovi Nation this month, with a 3K word limit, its just right to read over a cup of coffee, so check out Eve and Jon's story!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just because

It's crappy old winter over here, cold and grey as you could imagine. I needed something warm to look at. *sigh*

Warmth is gooooooooooooooooood.

Who doesn't want to lye on that chest, basking in the sun?

Have a fab weekend - wherever you are ;)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Story Update!

Thank you Jon for coming out in a delicious suit ;) You helped me finish off my chapter -lol.

Living In Sin is officially updated with some hot-tub action. Don't go anywhere as this is just getting started people ;) hehe.

Enjoy and apologies in the delay ;)

More stuff -- exciting stuff!

Doesn't he look amazing? He looks incredible in a suit. This was taken at E.Kennedy's funeral. I feel bad that he looks so hot at such a sad occasion, she did live a truly wonderful life.

But him in a suit? Yeah I've had my buzz for the day here in Kiwi-land, on a very wintery rainy Saturday morning. Might be time to do some writing.

Also -- AMAZING news, Obie finally confirmed the album and release.
Release - Nov 10th
Named - The Circle
First Single to follow shortly - We weren't born to follow.
Also Obie mentions again, BIG drums and BIG Guitars.

I don't know about you -- but I am vibrating. ;)

Haircut Alert!

Yup, he's had a haircut. This was taken in the Hamptons with the last day -- looking nice, handsome and rested though ;)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

Well Kinda, ;)

Here's a little pic of the two boys at the Patriots game yesterday. I can't believe how much Jesse has grown, he's towering the old man ;)

Callie should be ready tmrw so check back. *muah*


I know updates have been really slow, I've had a hell of a time with the flu, it took me out for two weeks.. and then I started my new job which launched me into the fire, and I've been travelling on and off for the last couple of weeks... I almost have a chapter of Callie done (I've been working on the same one for weeks it seems lol)

I've been under alot of pressure, and just having a rough time with it all. But bear with me, I'll do my best.


Friday, July 24, 2009


Colby is updated, Colby sorry that's been slow going. ;)

Callie and Jon should be up this weekend as well -- thanks for all the comments there, lol -- you so won't be disappointed with what's coming.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Coffee -- a Random Rant

So I don't blog alot here but I thought I might for a change -- about coffee, LOL.

Coffee is a strange thing isn't it? It's something I can't live without and it's something I need first thing in the morning ( a little like sex really ;) )
But what makes coffee special?

Well I was thinking about this, every time you see a friend you need to catch up for a coffee right? When you're at work and you need to get out of the office at say 7am or 10am and 1pm like I do, you go and get coffee.

So that poses the question -- is it coffee we really need? We're seeing a friend, we don't need the coffee, we're getting out of the office, we don't NEED the coffee to do that really -- so what happened?

Addiction is what happened. Somewhere coffee took over our lives, and snuck in there while no one was looking and now, if you're like me -- I have to have it or by 9am at work I'll get a blinding headache and my snark-o-meter will be on ten.

What's worse is now you can just have more than coffee, you can have frappes, lattes, iced coffees, machiatto -- the choices are endless and of course my personal favorites. The flavor enhancers, shots of caramel, hazelnut, toffee nut and pumpkin spice (when Starbucks is feeling festive). So coffee makes it harder for you to curb your addiction.

And the best thing about Starbucks, when you go and order a coffee - it's not just a coffee. You need to make a major life decision, is it tall/grande/venti, fat or not fat, soy or non soy, decaf -- the choice is endless. So when you really feel like you've had a crap day you can go to Starbucks and make a very specific decision and feel like you've achieved something in the day. LOL.

Not to mention there is one on every second street corner.

So is it just me? and studies show, coffee can be bad for you -- but it can be good for you as well. It grows out of the ground right? so what can be bad about that? :)

I've tried to give up coffee and failed miserably, but you know what. I don't want to. I love my coffee, and we live in a happy marriage.

Any else have any thoughts? ;)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Updates --

Hi guys,

Well you know I've been away on Vacay, but I am back and I've updated both stories Living in Sin & Under the Influence so check them out ;)


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Living in Sin - Update

The lives of Jon and Callie have continued, check out Chapter 12 ;)

Twelve- Living in Sin

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A new little short :)

Teacher's Pet.

This was inspired after I watched Cry Wolf with His Royal Highness ;) LOL.

Enjoy, I know I sure as well did writing it :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Tara.

For those of us who love Ms Tara Leigh, it was a pleasure and a hellva lot of fun to write this for her. *muah* hehehe. So just thought I would share with the Gen pop. ;) Enjoy.


*click click click*

“How much longerrrrrr?”

She looked over the screen of her laptop and rolled her eyes. He was sprawled out on the couch, his battered red t-shirt hiking up showing off a little of his slice of life, his belt buckle twisted and his jeans riding low on his hips.

Eyes back to the keyboard, Tara.

“I told you I need to finish this Chapter up tonight so I can get it off to my critique partner, the deadline is at the end of the month for this submission. You do know that right? Deadlines?” She was more snarky that it intended but he was acting like a five year old. Cari was going away the next morning so this was her final chance to review before she had to submit.

He rolled his head back against the couch. “Yes, I know, now you’re a famous author, I come second….I get it.”

She snorted, “Oh please – l do recall you were not second last night, boyfriend.” She continued on the page of her word doc, damn it. This was the last book in the SIN series she needed to get out. It had been a roaring success and the pressure was on from the publisher for the next and final book in the series. Donovan’s book.

The fact that today was April 9th didn't matter. In the writing world, there were no days off. Well ok, there were… and most of them were caused by distractions from the man she’d been with for the last few years. He’d been incredibly supportive and they worked well as a team – and both endured each other’s hissy fits when their crafts were not going all that well.

“But that was last night, and today is your birthday – don’t you want a little loving from your favourite man? I know you do baby."

He winked and licked his lips.

The shit, always knew the quickest way to her heart ---er, pants.

Back to the keys, woman.

She took a long sip of her Mountain Dew relishing the ginseng kick it gave. God knows how many of these babies she'd down in a sitting of writing. It was a crucial part of the process.

“Like that needs an answer, we’re going out for dinner aren’t we? You did make reservations?”

Jon had specifically told her that tonight was their night, they’d see her family and friends tomorrow. Tonight was about her and him.

“Yup, eight pm – so you’ve got time to straighten your hair,” he teased.

She picked up the cushion beside her and let it sail across the room. “It’s worth it –you like it straight.”

He popped himself up from the couch and walked over to her, seating himself beside her at the table.

“Yes?” she asked trying to hide the smile on her face. He was being an annoying shit. One that she loved dearly.

“I like watching you work.” Was all he said. “You watch me when I work so it’s only fair. “ He leaned back and dug his fingertips into his bicep, kneading the muscle.

“You know that drives me nuts –“she muttered, continuing to type. God knows why.

“What does?” he asked innocently, his blue eyes sparkling.

“You know what.” Just ignore him and he’ll go away. Cari will be on my ass if I don’t get this to her tonight. It’s already two days overdue. Why was that? Oh yeah, him sitting right there. Even before she was with Jon – he seemed to be the crux of her distraction and inspiration when she wrote.

“Don’t you want to know what you’re present is?” he asked leaning forward with his hands flat on the table. She followed his fingers as they inched closer towards her and stopped right next to where her index character cards lay out along with her notes for this final scene.

“Don’t even think about touching the cards…” Why did he always feel the need to tease the ever loving hell out of her when she was working?

He bit his lip and a slow smirk spread across his face. “So you don’t want your present?”

“Of course I do – but I do have to finish this. You know how important this is.“ Jon’s presents were always nothing less than extraordinary. Although the biggest gift he’d given her was his understanding in how the creative process worked. It was how they’d been so compatible.

“Just a little break...“ The tips of his fingers stroked her arm, sending instantly a small shiver down her body. If there was one thing that was her kryptonite, it was a playful and horny Jon.

Dammit, why now.

“No Jon, you know if I stop I’ll never finish it….”

His hand curled around her wrist. “Fifteen minutes….. That’s all just to tide me over till tonight….” His eyes fixed on hers and hers fell to her wrist.

“How often has only fifteen minutes really been fifteen minutes, honey?”

He snorted. “Ok, so maybe not fifteen exact minutes. Fifteen minutes Tara time….” He grinned proudly.

“And you want me to sleep with you and this is how you’re trying? I think you’re losing your magic touch, Jonny.” She twisted back around to her laptop, forcing a straight face. One thing she knew Jon never took well in all the years she’d known him – was a bruised ego.

He released his grip on her wrist and left the table. “Fine – your loss – keep writing and know that the sex we could be having right now could be mind blowing – actually no – fucking electrifying.”

He padded into the kitchen behind her, leaving her there alone.
Good, jesus just a thousand more words and I am done, so done.

She kept writing, jamming her earphones back into her ears and clicked on her rhapsody to make sure she could just drown out anything on this last stretch.

She’d been typing straight for five minutes lost in some world with Bridget and Donovan accompanied by some Matt Nathanson in her ears when she felt a wisp of warm breath on her neck.

Oh fuck.

She kept writing, desperate to ignore him. But the warm turned wet as his kisses slid up her neck under her hair.

She could do this, she could ignore him – he’d soon give up and she’d get this damned chapter done.

Ignore him? Yeah right – you’re kidding right?

She concentrated hard on the words, trying not to notice hands sliding under her t-shirt from the back…those hands her body knew so well…. Hands that could comfort, hands that could heal and destroy her all at the same time.

Donovan’s eyes fell flat as his hands - that still amazed her, how soft they were for a guitar player - slipped across…….

“Dammit!” She couldn’t believe what she’d just written. This was ridiculous. He was driving her to distraction in a way that only he could.

“Jon, please I need to ---“ Her hands slammed against the desk as his thumbs grazed against the rough lace of her bra, narrowly missing her nipples.

“What was that?” He popped her earphone out and his lips hovered over her ear. “Something wrong?” She hissed and closed her eyes when her nipples twisted hard against the material.

“Jesus, Jon ---“He shifted so he was closer to her, right behind her…. She could feel his heat – his being shadowing her body.

“Open a new word document……” He breathed into her into her ear.

Her eyes popped open and jaw slacked. “What? Why?” she asked.

“Just do it Tara –“ This time the voice wasn’t so sweet, it had that edge to it she knew well… the one she associated with the words dark and delicious.

She clicked open on her word programme and waited for his next instruction.

“Good girl – now type what you want me to do.”

Holy Hanna...

What in the hell? “What? You can’t be serious, Jon—“She tried to twist around to face him but his grip around her constricted.

“Do it – or I’ll sit here like this all evening…and you know I will – I’ll torment you in every way, never bringing you to orgasm… and you know I have that power over you.”

Oh crap – he had to pick now to become all dark and twisted, a side of Jon she saw every so often. One that made her hot.
She relaxed back in the chair and her hands shook as she typed.

I hate you.

He chuckled against her neck. “No you don’t…you’re so hot you can’t stand it. Now type…”

The spicy smell of his cologne mixed with spring mint gum drifted across her. Holy fuck… she was really going to do this. Well let’s just see how he likes taking orders.

Kiss me.

There was silence apart from the thud of her heart against her chest in anticipation of what he’d do next.

Her heart jumped when his lips again descended down the line of her neck to the dip in her shoulder as he tugged the neck of her t-shirt across her skin.

“Next?” His mouth vibrated against her skin.

His hands still splayed across her ribcage and she needed them to move. She typed slowly.


He snorted, “Yeah chicken’s have them – what about them, baby?” he drawled as his mouth connected with her jaw. “Be specific…”

Oh god, oh god this was insane.

Thumbs, on my nipples……rubbing.

She swallowed hard as she waited for her captor to continue.

She groaned when his thumbs rolled across her already tight aching tips. “Oh god,” she whispered as her body began to tremble.

“Feel good baby?” he asked. “Of course it does…. Just relax and enjoy…….”

Her head fell back as he heightened the sensation. If he wasn’t careful he’d get more than he would – oh fuck….. Too fucking late.

Her knees hit the table as a combination of his mouth on her neck and the handiwork of his thumbs bolted the orgasm right through her, shouting his name into the room.

“Thought so” was all that came from behind her as she slunk back down in the chair.

Her breath hitched and she couldn’t help but smile, holy shit. He never ceased to amaze her.

“Continue –“he demanded. Not the soothing voice that usually came after her orgasms.

Her hand’s skidded over the keys as her vision settled from the blinding white dots that were still bursting in front of her.

I want y---- I wanr u…

He laughed behind her. “Having a wee problem are we?”

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath and re-typed.

I want your hands down my pants…

She could feel him move closer and his hands moved slowly down her belly. He popped the top button of her jeans and slid them in, so they were resting just at her heat. She frowned when he didn’t go any further.

"Specific…" the low voice vibrated on her neck.

The small moan slipped from her lips as she continued. She should of felt in control but it was him pulling all the strings.

Use your fingers to touch me…

His tongue traced across up behind her ear.

"Touch what? Come on you're an erotic writer Tara, you know the words….all of them."

Good fuck. His breath, his tone and his overwhelming presence from behind her was insane. She wanted to give up, twist around and take him toppling him to the floor. But no. She wasn't going to give up that easily.

Slip your finger into me, and use your thumb to rub my clit.

"Better," was all that came from him before he did just that. His long index finger found her wet folds and his thumb hooked in under her hood, finding her nirvana.

"Oh sweet Jesus..." she gasped as his thumb began to draw in slow circular movements.

Her head fell back exposing her neck for him and his kisses licked at her skin like fire.

She didn't even look at what she was typing this time hoping it was correct.


"You are so wet baby…you have no idea what it's doing to me…I could hammer nails with my dick." His breath sucked in as hers did. "And it’s all because of you…"

Oh shit, oh god ---she wasn't going to last one second longer. Her body was quivering, building for release. Oh god, she needed that release.

"Jon…please," her words came out scattered, and in one jolt she snapped her hand to the back of his head and arched back off the chair screaming his name.

Finally when she came back to earth she opened her eyes. "Oh fuck…"

He removed his hand, slick with his cum and closed her eyes when the sound of him licking his fingers popped through the room.
He went to move but she stopped him. Oh this wasn't over.
She leaned forward and typed again.

I want you to take your cock out and touch yourself… for me.

There was silence behind her, she couldn’t help the grin.

Didn’t bank on that one now, did you lover?

Finally there was movement and the thunk of his belt buckle hitting the hardwood floor.

Now stroke yourself and tell me how hard you are.

Good fuck if there was a medal for self restraint she earned it WITH honours today. She needed that inside her.

His breath grew faster and the low rumble of his groan came from deep in his throat.“I’m so hot and hard for you --- always… oh fuck……….” His voice fell low and raspy as she twisted in her chair.

She could just see the reflection on her screen against the white of the word page – his head tilted back and his mouth open.

She typed more, this time faster.

Cup your balls with your other hand and massage them…

“You have got to be kidding me? “

Your game NOT mine…

“Oh you’re good ---“he scoffed.

I learn from the best……..

The long low moan made her squirm. Holy shit.

"This would feel so much better if this was you…" he whispered between hitched breaths.

She went to type again but squealed when the chair was dragged back and he dragged her out of it and into his arms.

“Fuck the game.” He mashed his mouth down on hers, the only response to not have her melting into a puddle on the floor was to circle her arms around his neck and deepen the kiss. Her body arched into his feeling his cock press against her belly.

His tongue plunged into her mouth, tasting each corner as he swallowed every single one of her moans. Her hands edged up into his hair right to the crown of his head. She needed more, god she wanted more.

This was not right how much this man could turn her from nothing to scorching hot in a nano second.

His hands dragged up her t-shirt and he broke the kiss briefly to whip it over her head before starting on her bra. He pinged the catch at the back with his nails and the lace fell limp into his hand as it suffered the same fate as her t-shirt.

His lips hungrily tasted and took as he backed her to the couch until the back of her knees hit the edge, and she toppled backwards with him with her.

His mouth shifted lower finding the soft creamy curve of her breast as he rounded it, sucking the tip into his mouth. She dug her hands into the couch under her before grabbing onto his head, threading her fingers through that honey brown mess. To her pleasure he’d been growing it out so there was more to grab onto.

He changed to the other breast and his hands roamed down her abdomen till it hit her open fly, he slid his hand under the denim barrier and extended his forefinger finding her heat.

“Oh fuck---“she writhed under him, her senses going crazy. His thumb found her tight little knot and she bit down on her lip as her sob escaped her.

He found her mouth wanting as she kissed him, grinding her hips to the rhythm of his hand. Her mouth bumped over his chin and down the corded line of his neck. His Adam's apple pulsed under her tongue as she took a long slow lick all the way back up to his lips.

“Harder, oh god harder Jon—“she begged. He didn’t tease this time and complied with her need.

She kissed the hell out of his lips before she slid down over his chin to his neck, letting her teeth scrape over his Adam’s apple. “Yes --- oh fuck yes!” As she came like a thunderbolt, she sank her teeth into his shoulder.

He grunted, cradling her in his arms as she rode through her orgasm. He smoothed back some of her blond highlights into her bright coppery hair and kissed her forehead.

She dragged him back by the collar of his t-shirt to her mouth, letting his taste explode onto her tongue. “For the love of fuck you better be getting inside me NOW.”

His eyes met hers and he didn’t grin this time. His eyes were dark and full of lust. He lifted himself up to peel his own t-shirt off and shuck off his jeans. He lifted one of her legs and tugged hers right off her as well.

He pressed himself back down on her. The only sound in the room was the anticipation in their hitched breaths as he looked at her lips and then her eyes.

“You have no idea Tara how much I need you right now—“

“Oh I think I do—“she hooked her arm around his neck and wrapped her leg around his hip as he entered her, filling her completely.

“Oh shit Tar.” He kissed her softly as they found their rhythm, which never took long at all. His eyes turned bright as he continued to pump.

All thoughts of books, edits and how much of a pain in the ass this guy was at times vanished as all that mattered was them. He broke the kiss and pushed her harder, breaking the barrier between sensual and pure need.

“Oh Jon --- fuck” She was nearly there – shit it was coming.

The slapping of skin on skin growing thick with sweat was all it took, each plunge. Each roll of his hips had her eyes crossing and her jumping from plateau to peak until she fell right off the edge.

His name was shouted and screamed through the room, followed quickly by hers as they slumped back into the couch.

He rested his cheek against her shoulder as caught her breath – Jesus holy Christ.

She was so raw – so destroyed – so screwed. The wall clock chimed seven pm. There was no way she was working now after this.

She popped one of his tight ass cheeks. “You are a shit – did you know that?”

He lifted his head hovering his lips over hers.

“You have no idea how much I am” he chuckled.

“Why?” she asked cautiously. It was that tone – the one that meant he knew something she didn’t.

He propped his elbow on her shoulder and flicked her hair back innocently.

“What, Jon?” Her eyes narrowed.

“Oh just that Cari rang me earlier and told me that she’s not leaving until Saturday so you could have the day off for your birthday…”

She pushed him up off her, dragging herself up with him. “You knew ---- “He was a dead man.

He scooped her in an embrace. “Happy Birthday baby ---“He grinned, biting on his tongue.

She wanted to be mad, wanted to kill him for making her stress out like that – but those damn baby blue eyes and that pouty bottom lip.

“You suck.” She flicked his nose before giving him a kiss. “In all the right ways….”

“Would you forgive me if I said that we had front row tickets to a concert tonight?” He fiddled with the chain around her neck.

“What? Where?”

He looked back up. “Oh some guy – Matt Nathan something----“

She grinned broadly – this is why she married this man.

“He’s not in concert though?” She knew Matt’s dates.

“He is for me." He pulled himself away and off the couch walking
towards the stairs.

Well shit – he didn’t? He so fucking did.

“Coming?” he asked.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Living In Sin

Chapter Ten is up :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Living in Sin

Check out that Chapter Eight is all up and posted ;)

Under the Influence was updated this week as well.. more of that coming very shortly. :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Updates ----

Colby should be up tonight, just finishing the edits on that one and so should Living in Sin Chapter Five, thank you for all the great feedback for Callie I am glad you are enjoying her. She's got quite the story to tell. :D

Raining and Cold over here in Good ol, New Zealand. Hopefully where ever you are, it's warm!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Story!

Like I needed something else to do? ;) But when a story is there to be told, what can you do?

Check out - Living in Sin. A story that starts in 1985 - and will span a decade. Find out what happens when your life is changed in one moment, and how Jon and Callie deal with it!

And be sure to let me know what you think! *muah*

Living in Sin

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Update ---

Hiya Guys,

Just thought I would post a little update, sorry things are moving so damn slow at the moment. Things have been less than perfect in the real world and this week has been one of those weeks where it brings you literally to your knees. BUT good news, things are on the up.

I'm halfway through editing Colby's next chapter and I am cooking up Jon & Lily's next story which is to be called Mind the Gap. So watch for that coming soon. Your support, feedback and emails are always so uplifting so thank you for being patient, I shall be back very soon!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Colby ---

Hi guys,

Just to let you know, Chapter Five of Under the Influence is now up ;) Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New chapter up!

Under the influence has been updated, apologies for the delay but it is well worth the wait ;)

And Lily and Jon has been updated to Chapter Twelve. :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Six Things I love

Thanks Cari for the challenge..... ;)

1) Reading in bed, listening to the sound of the rain falling on the roof KNOWING it's a weekend day the next day and I don't have to get up early in it!
2) Snuggling, Cuddling and Kissing. What can I say, I'm a romantic smuck.
3) Coffee first thing in the morning, preferably from Starbucks. Seriously I have a bad day if it doesn't start off THAT way.
4) Friends, my feel good TV series. I own all the seasons. When I feel blah I throw in a disc and it guarantees a smile out of me.
5) Music - again, a mood breaker. There is nothing like blasting a LOUD kick ass rock song so the neighbors think what the hell, to sitting with a few candles listening to Michael Buble (esp if it's #1)
6) Writing - the art of creating something we can sometimes only dream about. Getting lost in lives that YOU created and that make you happy when you finish it.

Man I could go on. But they are my top ones I think. :)


I know Lily and Jon and Colby have not been updated.

I have a long weekend here, thank god for public holidays so I will endeavor to update, things have just been really ugly in RL, leaving me a little numb for my muses. But they're still there.

Itssss all coming.



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This Left Feels Right...

Hi Guys,

This story is now completed ;) yay! So check it out if you haven't done so already. Thanks for all the support and the comments you guys made the story as much as I did.

If you haven't already checked out Under the Influence do so, and more Lily and Jon is to come.


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Under the Influence - Ch 3

As above -- it's ready and posted

Enjoy and let me know what you think ;)

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Where the Muses are at.......

Yes, just an update to the crowded space in my brain --- I've had some requests as to when TLFR and Jon & Lily will be updated, lol. I'm working on it. I promise, things have been a great deal mucky of late and it blocks my muses a little -- they're there I promise!

Thanks again for all your support --


Under the Influence - new chapter up!

Hiya -

Thanks for the great response for Chapter 1 of Under the Influence! Chapter two is now up ;)


Friday, January 16, 2009

Sixteen Things

Sixteen Things -

1) Favorite beverage? Diet Coke.

2) I started writing about horses when I was waaay younger, then a boyband started the whole FF thing, and they were in 1B8 sized books. LOL...I could never hand write stories again. Let me tell you.

3) I am learning how to write this year, for good. Through both professional means and a good friend that's taking time to help me.

4) I loooooooooooove music. Ever wondered if you'd give up TV for music? I would. Soothes my soul. And I love finding new artists.

5) I went to University and did HALF a degree in Sociology and Physc.

6) I did Nano-Wrimo this year in November and it just about killed me but was a great feeling doing 50K in a month.

7) I play the saxophone. I wish I did it more than I do now.

8) Blogs are an addiction - and so is the internet! Evil!

9) I love to dance --- I'm learning salsa this year and I cannot wait.

10) I'm a Libra. And seriously it's uncanny how much I actually am one.

11) I'm stubborn, I'll do something myself if I can because I hate waiting....or relying on people. I have no patience lol.

12)My favorite author is Nora Robers, and thanks to a friend introducing me to her. And now I'll never run out of books to read, the woman is a machine!

13) I love LOST - and I can't wait until it's finally back next WEEK. It's my all time fav show.

14) I like to clean ---- yeah I know it's a sickness.

15) I want to travel to the States like nothing you wouldn't believe. So many places to see and of course people.

16) Two things I really want? To be happy. Always (sounds easy doesn't it?)

And to travel and go to a shit load of Bon Jovi concerts. I don't really ask for that much do I? LOL.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's live!

Chapter one of Under the influence is up ;)

If you check it out let me know what you think ;-)


Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Chapters of......

This Left Feels Right (yes I know, it was a wait LOL)

Jon & Lily Fire and Ice


Under the Influence will be posted tomorrow, the opener ;)



Friday, January 2, 2009

Under the Influence

Ok so I have crapped on about it enough, well the the blog is now live, and expect the first chapter very shortly ;)

Colby and Jon.

This story has plenty in it so please do join me in their journey, you won't regret it.

Under the Influence