Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Under the Gun...



Just thought I'd post a wee update since I've been very slack in doing so!
All is well as well can be over here. I've been working away and writing as those who read Devon & Jon's story Brilliant Disguise will know that :)
Thanks again for an overwhelming response to the story. I won't lie that it tickles me pink to see it but more importantly I'm glad that people are just enjoying their story, so thank you :)

Earthquakes are still very much a part of daily life and probably will be for sometime. June's big ones certainly caught me by surprise but again we're slowly getting back to some form of normal. It'll be sometime before my CBD is rebuilt, probably 10-15years and I can tell you now as I look out over Wellington's CBD full of mini-skyscrapers it's certainly very weird not to have that at home anymore while it all remains closed off to be demolished over the next two years.

Writing has kept me semi-sane through this experience so that's one thing I'm grateful for and the other one is very good friends through the Jovi-community. I am very lucky to have some really key people that have given me a lot of strength over the last few months.

So where to from here? Well I am trying to think of something to do with this space--to make things interesting so stay tuned for that. Devon and Jon's story will continue and at some stage my new couple will come onto the scene, making their debut in 1984. :)

Don't melt over the summer and don't freeze if you're over my side of the ocean this winter!

Be in touch soon.

Friday, March 25, 2011

New Story :)

After months of going on about one, it's finally here :)

Brilliant Disguise

Join Jon and Devon on their story, I hope I do them proud.

Devon Scott owns the upcoming Soho Beauty Clinic Allure. She’s a Kiwi girl that’s made her way living the American Dream and leading a quiet sheltered life, ironically in the heart of New York City. But Devon’s dream life isn’t all champagne and roses. She hides a terrible secret from her past that saw her fleeing from her home country, never to return. She has resigned herself to a solitary life...Until she meets the one man that challenges everything she’s accepted in her new way of life, but can she let him in? 

Jon Bon Jovi is the quintessential rock star. He is winding down from the massive Lost Highway tour his band has just completed. He’s still involved in a handful of humanitarian and investment projects but he’s restless and bored. He’s also learning the dating scene is not what it was ten years ago. Reluctant to accept he needs to slow down and take care of himself better, he stumbles across a beauty clinic which ends up providing him with more than he bargained for. The owner is cute and savvy and ultimately steals his heart, but the problem is she won’t give him hers. Jon, who always enjoys a good chase, quickly learns how to push her buttons, but under all that reluctance there was something he could never expect. Something that changes everything.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Chapter Six.......

Of..........Happy Birthday Baby is up!

There will be one more chapter to go after this one, this one isn't work friendly LOL ;)


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SO just to update...

My writing is looking like it's getting schedule after another CRAZY month post earthquake. LOL.

Dangerous Territory is updated and we're reaching the climax very soon :)

Happy Birthday Baby is a quick revisit to Callie and Jon for his birthday this year ;) A little light fun and lovin

And of course once that wraps up I have two new stories in the works :) so stay tuned...