Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hellllooo & Welcome

So I decided to join the legions of bloggers out there and make my own little homebase to link all my current works and just well have fun with.
<--- it's his fault, that's right I'm blaming my sudden need to write screeds of stories on him. It's only fair right?

Ok, so far I've been writing my small epic This Left Feels Right which I'm overwhelmed to be honest that, a) it has gone as long as it has, and b) the amazing feedback I've received this far. It truly is a wonderful thing and has made me work harder to improve my writing so thank you so much ;-).

My two newest vignette characters Jon and Lily have had nearly two completed stories, so watch out for more from them on their space. And I've been working on some new collaborations that should make it out to the new year, VERY exciting ;)

Writing has become something a little more than just something to do over the last year, and this year I'm entering the National Novel Writing Month in November attempting to write 50,000 words *eek* in a month.. and you will be pleased to know it's a Fan Fic. A BRAND new one. So by December watch this space for a new story featuring a girl named Colby set in the Destination Anywhere Era, entitled "Under The Influence"

Ok enough from me, keep looking for the Kiwi Saying of the week, and of course pictures... From time to time I will post some fun things, but mostly I'll keep you all updated of new things from not only me but also my fellow authors.

Time to have that morning latte, and do some real work (pfff what's that?)

Your Truly,
Soul Girl


  1. Yay!!
    Glad you started up the blog finally!

    And...hehehhe The Kiwi sayings are just perfect! Love the additions to the site. ;)

  2. Well it's about dang time! What's a screed? :P

    The Fiction Mistress


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