Friday, January 16, 2009

Sixteen Things

Sixteen Things -

1) Favorite beverage? Diet Coke.

2) I started writing about horses when I was waaay younger, then a boyband started the whole FF thing, and they were in 1B8 sized books. LOL...I could never hand write stories again. Let me tell you.

3) I am learning how to write this year, for good. Through both professional means and a good friend that's taking time to help me.

4) I loooooooooooove music. Ever wondered if you'd give up TV for music? I would. Soothes my soul. And I love finding new artists.

5) I went to University and did HALF a degree in Sociology and Physc.

6) I did Nano-Wrimo this year in November and it just about killed me but was a great feeling doing 50K in a month.

7) I play the saxophone. I wish I did it more than I do now.

8) Blogs are an addiction - and so is the internet! Evil!

9) I love to dance --- I'm learning salsa this year and I cannot wait.

10) I'm a Libra. And seriously it's uncanny how much I actually am one.

11) I'm stubborn, I'll do something myself if I can because I hate waiting....or relying on people. I have no patience lol.

12)My favorite author is Nora Robers, and thanks to a friend introducing me to her. And now I'll never run out of books to read, the woman is a machine!

13) I love LOST - and I can't wait until it's finally back next WEEK. It's my all time fav show.

14) I like to clean ---- yeah I know it's a sickness.

15) I want to travel to the States like nothing you wouldn't believe. So many places to see and of course people.

16) Two things I really want? To be happy. Always (sounds easy doesn't it?)

And to travel and go to a shit load of Bon Jovi concerts. I don't really ask for that much do I? LOL.


  1. Hi Tresca! I'm all about #11, too. I hate depending on other people. And #4 goes without saying. hehe

    Great list! :)

  2. LOL!
    Yay! You did it too!!
    Way to go.

    #16 is a good thing to aspire too.
    BOTH of them. ;)

    Wish I had the wherewithall to dance though. Gads, I have like two left feet and no coordination. Wait-maybe I shouldn't let that kind of key information out there.

    Boys won't want to 'dance' with me. *-*


  3. LOL thanks girls ;-)

    Yeah sucks doesn't it Cari! Gah.. LOL... ;) And yes, much I do love's good having people you know that love it just as much ;)

    LOL--- that's it Tara when I DO come over. We'll go Salsa dancing... after a crap load of Margaritas of course. LOL. I'll get boys dancing with you in no time.... when I was little I was MADE to do ballroom dancing. lol.

    And yes, I'll get there for JBJ... you'll see... and hopefully some other cool people are touring at the same time.


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