Thursday, August 13, 2009


I know updates have been really slow, I've had a hell of a time with the flu, it took me out for two weeks.. and then I started my new job which launched me into the fire, and I've been travelling on and off for the last couple of weeks... I almost have a chapter of Callie done (I've been working on the same one for weeks it seems lol)

I've been under alot of pressure, and just having a rough time with it all. But bear with me, I'll do my best.



  1. Hey babes---1st, I love the new blog design. Very cool. Love the desk and coffee motif. LOL Sooooo you.

    2nd I know how sick you've been.
    Zaps the hell right out of you. Just worry about feeling better, the words will come.

  2. So sorry you're under the weather. Feel better soon. We'll be here patiently waiting.


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