Thursday, January 7, 2010

Updates -- ahoy!

Ok so I'm enjoying my last official day of the holidays (cry for me now, LOL) It's been a glorious two weeks off, and I dare say I needed it to just de-stress. I let things get on top of me at the end of last year, so I say new year and new lease.. and all that palava ;)

Sooo I've updated Dangerous Territory if you haven't already seen that, things are starting to heat up there, in more ways than one. ;)

And I've posted the next Lily and Jon chapter :) So enjoy.

I hope to get a new Callie chapter up today or at least tmrw :)
And I'll be back with someone else later on as well, a new kind of fun project a few of the team are doing.

Keep safe out there!



  1. I am going to miss so many udates. You spoiled us the past few weeks. I know it is time to get back to reality-it sucks sometimes. But you got to build up that Jovi fund to come to the US. Just know that you put a smile on our faces evertime you do update a story. Would you mind emailing me when you update any of your stories. Sometimes I miss them on Twitter.
    Thanks Bonnie

  2. Thanks for the updates!! you do not disappoint ;) would you please email me when you've updated your stories? that would be so great if you could!!

    Jess V.

  3. Hey Jess!

    You need to email me your email address :) But I'd be happy to provide you updates!

    Email me at

  4. great thanks!! you should have it now :)

    (last name is ridiculously close to Valentine)

    the subject is "little bit of soul story updates (jess v.)

    thanks again <3

  5. Hey Jess,

    LOL I still haven't got it! Weird huh, shoot me again!


  6. LOL hopefully it works this time!! if not then i'll just write it here and then you can delete the post after you get it.

    sorry for the trouble!!

  7. LOL ok I still have not got it, weird? Gmail can't be blocking it -- its not that smart. Maybe post it here and I'll delete it as soon as I get it love, sorry for the hassle!

  8. LOL no problem

    so sorry!


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