Saturday, December 20, 2008

All moved in..........

Holy hell what a Herculean effort that was yesterday in the pouring rain. But we did it, with the help of two moving guys (one particularly delicious I might add) all moved in and boxes for miles to unpack. And I looooove my new place. Loooove it.

Always wondered how you could possibly drool over JBJ for every month of an entire year?

Well here's your answer. Sam (aka TheFictionMistress) has made an AWESOME calendar off Zazzle with her Boston LH concert pics and let me tell you those pics are amaazzzzzing. You can actually purchase the calendar if you want to, and at the moment its 40% all calendars. So if you're interested check it out...what a great way to share the Jovi love and share your pics with us Sam! I have the Bon Jovi 2009 calendar myself but honestly her pics are BETTER! So helllllo work calendar ;)

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  1. ugh I want one but I followed the link and it says none found :( any ideas?


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