Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I can seriously not believe .......

It's nearly the end of the year! Where the hell has it all gone? Gah!

Work is almost over for the year, three weeks off over the summer thanks very much which will coinside nicely with my move, yes I am moving on the 20th December, didn't expect that at all but I wanted a new place by next winter and when I started looking bam.. there it was.. and it happened so its all good. What is not all good is being waist deep in boxes and crap littered for miles...

Hi I'm Tresca and I'm a hoarder, lol... yes. Four years in this place O_O

NOT ANYMORE....... I feel lighter already to be honest.

Anyway on the fiction front all is going well, almost half way through the next TLFR chapter so expect than in the next couple of days.. and before Xmas... I hope to launch Colby and Jon for you to give a try :)

Hope you're all avoiding the mental Christmas shoppers, its CRAZY here allllready!

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