Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hey & Updates


Sorry it's been a little long in between, but you'll be pleased to know that Dangerous Territory and Living in Sin are now updated as from today :) yay! :)
It's been a hard ass week, and I've handled a few things that were thrown at me, but we got there! Phew. Gah. Xmas sucks sometime, people are 908298 more stressed huh?

Anyway enjoy the stories, and I'll touch base later in the week.

Living in Sin

Dangerous Territory

I'm starting a new blog for my non fan fiction writing over here, and it's more of my personal blog so feel free to come and check it out, the more the merrier! I've got a fiction project running along side my fan fics... which I'll be posting about soon over there. :)

Life as we know it

*muah* hope you're all surviving the silly season!


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