Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The future...

Well it's no secret that eventually stories end---and what does a writer do when that happens?
They plan the next one of course.

So---I thought I'd just heads you up on a little idea I'm exploring for the next story.

Ever wondered how Jon stays looking so young and just fantastic? C'mon the guy has better pores than I have! Sheesh. Well my next little Fan-Fiction Adventure will involve Devon Scott and her little Boutique in Soho called, "Allure." Allure is a beauty spa and a coffee shop that's been in Soho for a year and is doing very well for itself.

Jon is in the middle of writing The Circle and happens to stumble in on Devon's little slice of paradise, not only does he start to become addicted to her treatments and coffee---but he starts to become addicted to her ;)

What Jon doesn't know is that Devon has a past that's made her what she is today, and it goes against everything that Jon believes in--so what will happen? Can Devon fall in love with someone like Jon after all that she's been through? And can Jon put aside his pride and put into practice the lyrics of the songs he writes about?

Coming In June---and believe me, you won't be disappointed.



  1. When are we ever disappointed with any of your fics?


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