Monday, November 17, 2008

Stress Stress Stress

Pretty much my life at the moment. Work has been a little crazy, and stressful causing a few things on my end to fall out plus some things in my homelife, so I apologize for lack of updates/contact and for TLFR especially, but I haven't forgotten :) Still more to come, I promise.

On a good note, I am rocketing through my nano-challenge nearly at the 30,000 word mark, with 20,000 to go, I think you're going to love Colby & Jon's story come December ;)

So spare a thought for the Kiwi, she needs all the good vibes she can get to ride out Nov ;)

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  1. Well hey, I just happen to be attending a "lunch and learn" today called Eliminating Stress From Your Life. I'll be sure to pass along any helpful tips I learn. ;)

    Faithfully yours,
    The Fiction Mistress


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