Sunday, November 22, 2009

Currently Listening to.........

Of course since I've seen them, I'm on a little NB kick, but I do love this song.
I'm in a weird mood today, everything's good but sometimes you just still feel like something's missing, it's a weird feeling. Nothing a good glass of wine, and a night of relaxing will do. Of course it doesn't help my work just dumped another massive project in my lap before the end of the damn year, so CLOSE people... so damn close. LOL


I hope you're Monday has started out well... now go watch some Chad, and I've updated Dangerous Territory if you need a HRH Fix.


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  1. omg love this song! can't help but sing along everytime it comes on the radio lol

    thanks for the update!
    can't stand the suspense of under the influence and living in sin lol

    have a great week!! :)



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