Saturday, November 7, 2009

NZ version of The Circle.

I get this tommorrow, I am disappointed that there is not actual b-sides from the record, but I heard the Japanese version didn't either which is very surprising.

Anyway as for the bonus tracks at MSG & the Jon Intv -- I'll give them to Ms Hath to add into her blog vault of goodies, so we can all share. :)

1. We Weren't Born To Follow - Album Version
2. When We Were Beautiful - Album Version
3. Work For The Working Man - Album Version
4. Superman Tonight - Album Version
5. Bullet - Album Version
6. Thorn In My Side - Album Version
7. Live Before You Die - Album Version
8. Brokenpromiseland - Album Version
9. Love's The Only Rule - Album Version
10. Fast Cars - Album Version
11. Happy Now - Album Version
12. Learn To Love - Album Version
13. Blaze Of Glory - Bonus Track - Live at Madison SQ
14. In These Arms - Bonus Track - Live at Madison SQ
15. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead - Bonus Track - Live at Madison SQ
16. Exclusive Interview with Jon Bon Jovi

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  1. Thanks, SG; I'll have the tunes up in a jiffy :)

    ~ Hath


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