Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm going Global..... and other updates.

Hi all,

I know it's been awhile but I've been CRAZY busy at work...this new job kicked my ass, but the good news is... I have delivered my project successfully, for those that don't know... I work for a big Kiwi Telecommunications mobile company as a project manager. So it's been a couple of big months for ol Kiwi. But I am back.

I am taking a trip across the ditch to Sydney on Nov 13, for the weekend to visit Venus and we're taking in some dirty Chad when we go and see Nickelback. hehe.

Of course the other big news is, I've booked my trip to come over to the US in May, I'm coming over for all three Giants shows in New Jersey and I am so excited. First time from New Zealand to the USA, but hell it'll be a hell of a trip.

I'll be staying with TaraLeigh so I can get over my jetlag, man that is gonna hurt. (The jetlag that is, lol not Miss Tara.) I'm very excited to meet her. Anyway and this will be just the SECOND time I've seen Jovi live.. we're even splurging for a second row package from Backstage for the second night...thanks to some heavy convincing from our dear friend Summer, who is coming in from London for the shows. :) I am SUPER excited to meet a whole raft of you guys that will be at the show.

As for the stories, I know I've been a little slack but this month I intend to write my little ass off --- I was supposed to participate in National Novel Month, but have decided not to so I can just get back into writing. I am setting myself a goal of at least 25K worth of words for this month. So expect to see chapters on both Living in Sin & Dangerous Territory.

But I will give a huge shout out for my favourite two authors that are participating in NanoWriMo, Cari & Tara -- good luck to you ladies, I'll support you all the way. :)

And of course, Cari's book "Full Disclosure" goes on sale this Friday at Wild Rose Press, I can't wait to read it.


Oh and PS enjoy that lil pic of Jon from London today!

Talk soon!


  1. Kiwi, I'm 98% sure I'm attending the first two nights @ Meadowlands with Willow! We'll HAVE to arrive early and all meet up so we can hang out together before the show.

    W and I did NOT splurge on anything, (less $ spent here = more shows seen) and have $99 seats up in the rafters, but I don't care. I just have to convince Mr. Hath that this is a good idea.


    And I add my congratulations to Cari, and my "Best NaNo Wishes" to Tara and Cari!

    ~ Hath

  2. YAY

    That will be awesome! I can hardly wait. :)

    LOL.. yes I would be doing that too with the money, but this is my one opportunity until 2011 I think, LOL


    YAYYYYYYYYYYY. I hope you can come, that'll be AWESOME


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