Monday, November 9, 2009


So, this may come as a surprise, lol but the USA is a BIG ass place! I have been trying to book my flights across the country, from Los Angeles to Albany -- not a walk in the park is it?! So much that I decided after flying 14 hours I am staying over in LA the night before attempting this. Cripes.

Anyway, I am still very excited but I just had to mention it, remember I am from a country that has 4 million people and live in a city that has 400 thousand, it takes me 2 hours to fly from one end of the country to the other. NOT seven hours with a layover ;)

In other news also, I have an update for Dangerous Territory! See told you I'd be writing more, since I am broke! haha.

And thanks to Catte for providing the pic you see above. *sigh* I swear it melts my uterus the way he's looking at Jake in the Doc.


  1. I've just been reading your writing for the past couple days. Love it all!

    I agree. That part of the doc, with him looking at Jake is the most touching thing. I kept rewinding and watching it over and over. *sigh*


  2. Albany huh, wow when are you doing that? Just a short 90 min drive from me to Albany. There is another airport called Stewart International in Newburgh NY - might check flights into there too. Sometimes cost wise and flight wise it works out. Just another option and if it works for you depending on when I could maybe help you with a ride to Albany. Good Luck.

  3. Thanks for reading, I appreciate it and more glad that you are enjoying it :)

    Chris, I'm coming over for three weeks ish around Giants, I'm flying into to stay with Tara a few days while I recover from Jetlag, lol... I booked tday with United and got some good flights and not bad prices. Fly out of LAX via Washington to Albany.

    But thanks so much for offering, I'm good now, but I'll def try and meet you in NJ huh? ;)

  4. I live near Albany, NY-about half an hour from Cohoes. Have never met Tara Leigh, but have read all her stories and am following yours. Would love an opportunity to meet you and say hello.


  5. I also follow you on Twitter-I am brm032357.


  6. Woo hoo, that sounds like a plan Bonnie.. we'll def sort something out before I come over :)


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