Sunday, November 29, 2009

Monday Monday...

Don't worry US peeps, you'll get your Monday too LOL.
No need to feel jealous.

It's cold.
It's grey.
It's depressing.

But here I am. I have different candy today, thanks to Miss Tara I now have to watch Four seasons of Supernatural, and also four of Bones. But look at that perfect ass.


And the even better news, besides BUTT Candy, is I have updated BOTH stories. More Jon and Mac & Callie is up!

Enjoy :) and happy Sun/Mon where ever you are!


  1. that wasn't nice. Hellooooooo Jensen and your perfect ass, biceps, back, belly--smooth delicious man.



    Sorry--we were having a moment there.

    Happy Monday - Sunday in real time of course--hope work isn't too awful. Someday I'll be all caught up on your goddamn stories. Can I take a month off? That'd be great. LOL

    And the sooner you watch Bones/Supernatural, the sooner we can mutually obsess about it goddammit!

  2. well hello gorgeous ;)

    and a great monday to you Tresca *muah*

    gonna catch up on your stories now ;)


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