Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm bacccck.

I'm back!

Sorry the updates have been slow, I've been away for a few days in Sydney with Venus, where I had the most awesome time with her and her family. Sydney is lovely and of course on the Friday, Venus and I went to see Nickelback and I have to say.. lol they were fantastic. I did a twenty four hour stint, as I left here in the wee hours of the am and flew over to Sydney. Venus and I hung out, and then met some of her friends and went to the concert that night.

Chad is hilarious, hilarious and diiiiiiiiirty. hehe.

Anyway -- I'll put some pics up later on, and some of the gorgeous Manly beach where I spent Saturday. But I just wanted to touch base and let you know I have not forgotten and I will be writing, lol.

Look out for a new Living in Sin today or tmrw :)


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  1. I saw NB in concert this summer-Chad was fantastic. (so was the rest of the band!)

    Can't wait for more of Living in Sin and Dangerous Territory!



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